All Viruses Are Human Created


Yes, all Viruses (and all sickness for that matter) are human created. This is the spiritual teaching. This doesn’t mean that some country in a lab somewhere sat down and created the virus – weaponized it for military purposes. Sometimes it can manifest that way. But that too is a side effect.

Viruses, plagues and pandemics are the manifestation of human negative and destructive thinking. For a while it is not seen. It is invisible. But as time goes on, it collects. In much the same way as a cloud gathers force and eventually produces rain, so too does the negative thinking cloud eventually manifest on the earth. The how of it is irrelevant. Before there were labs, plagues bedeviled humanity. The same process was involved. Sometimes the negativity collects up and produces war, sometimes poverty, sometimes disease. Much depends on the negative thought that produced it. Every time we subconsciously get angry or express hate we add to the cloud of negativity which will eventually manifest.

There is no plague or pestilence in the spiritual world. Everything there is in harmony. The angels and archangels, having no free will, always have pure and harmonious thoughts and feelings. The Ascended host likewise. Free will exists only on the human – 3D level. And this is where the problems begin.

Free will is a great gift – perhaps the highest gift ever bestowed on humans. However it is not free. Free will has consequences. You are allowed to think and feel as you like. You are allowed to be an atheist, pagan or agnostic. No one (on the spiritual level) will interfere with you. No even God himself. However, the person must experience the consequences of his or her choices – and here is where healing can happen. The consequences are generally not pleasant. And the person can then change his or her ways.