Some Thoughts on Coronavirus


There are two interesting facts about this outbreak from the astrological perspective. For the past two seasons two of the 4 elements of nature have been very weak – and at times totally absent. This is akin to a cosmic vitamin deficiency.

The lack of air in the world Horoscope would translate to a lack of air in the body. It has many other meanings too – but from a health perspective, it manifests as a lack of oxygen. Lo and behold, one of the main symptoms of Codid19 is hypoxia – lack of oxygen in the body. There was this tendency anyway, but the virus was the way it manifested. Or, it could be that lack of oxygen in the body made people more vulnerable to Covid19. So, people need to watch their breathing. Be aware if the breathing gets shallow or choppy. Breathe consciously and deeply. Get out in the fresh air from time to time and just breathe.

The lack of fire would manifest as a lack of energy – a lack of the “can do” spirit. With fire we have the confidence to take risks. It gives courage – fire power. But there’s more to it. I’m reading studies by the CDC and some of the other official health agencies that say that covid19 dies quickly in sunlight and heat. Whereas in normal circumstances it can stay alive for hours, in sunlight and heat it dies in minutes.

So, this lack of fire was certainly a contributing factor to the problem. Even in sunny countries like Italy and Spain, the fire that we would normally get from the Sun was not coming through as it should. So, there is a need to take in the fire element artificially. I have written about this in my newsletter THE ASTROLOGERS NOTEBOOK. We bring in metaphysical fire through meditation.