Life Is Always Alive

Life is alive

This is a good thought to take into meditation during these times, where the fear of death sweeps the globe. Life is. It has no opposite. In life, understood spiritually, there is no death. There is only change. What we see as death in the 3D consciousness is only the change from one state to another. Life IS. It goes on. Never stopping for a second.

LIFE never ends. If we could have a conversation with LIFE it would tell us that it doesn’t even recognize all the dramas and turmoil going on in the world. LIFE is. It recognizes only life.

LIFE might say to us that millions of roses die every year for no reason. Leaves – probably in the trillions – fall from the tree every season. Has the rose died? Has the tree been affected by the falling leaves? No the roses will bloom next season and the tree will grow new leaves. Death has not occurred, only change.

The only things that die are forms. Forms are containers of life – not life itself. Containers are dispensable. But life is untouched when the container dies.

We experience death every month and every year. Every month, we have a new lunar cycle. An old cycle dies – but do we mourn it? At that very instant a new cycle is born. Every year an “old year” dies. But at that instant a new year begins. Death then is only the announcement of resurrection. The announcement of new birth. Life goes on. Life itself is untouched. You are that LIFE in your essence.