The Universe Is Not Shut Down

open universe

Every day we are hearing of new shut downs going on all over the world. All non essential businesses are shut down. Here in Florida, a statewide shut down was just announced. People have to stay home. Businesses are closed. You can’t even get a haircut these days. I’m told by my European friends that we have it easy. For them this has been going on for sometime.

At times like this it is good to remember the spiritual realities. I went to the supermarket today (there was plenty of food and I didn’t see too many face masks – there were a few) and the Sun was shining and there was nice breeze. The elementals who govern these things are at work in their tasks and executing them perfectly. Here we are told that unemployment is at 30%. In the spiritual world there is zero unemployment. All the spiritual beings – the angels, archangels, ascended host and cosmic beings are all fully employed. Everyone has their job and everyone is doing it.

The Universe is open for business. The Sun will set tonight at its appointed hour. The Moon will wax and the planets are moving in their predestined orbits. Last I heard the laws of mathematics and physics were still working. The cosmos is entirely unaffected by all this turmoil on earth. The Cosmos is entirely healthy (we define health as right function and harmony).

More importantly with the Universe open for business, all the spiritual laws are operating perfectly and flawlessly. The physical doors might be closed, but the spiritual doors are always wide open. Thus, for students of the light, they can always operate the spiritual law and get results – health, affluence or whatever the heart’s desire is. Spiritually there is no problem.

The Universe is open.