Preparing For The Worst

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Should we prepare for the worst case scenario in a crisis? Well this leads to more chaos, more destruction, than the actual event one is preparing for. A hurricane threatens a region and everyone is moved out and there are accidents, stranded cars, no gasoline, looting and total chaos. The actual hurricane caused minor damage compared to this. The corona virus panic leads to hoarding, fear, terrible economic damage. Whole industries are shut down. The carnage, the human response, is more damaging than the actual virus.

Now the 3D mind will say (through its mouthpieces in the media) that it is better to prepare for the worst and not have it happen than it is to be unprepared. But this is 3D thinking. Wholly inadequate.

If one understands metaphysics, the Laws of Light, the spiritual laws that govern all phenomena. The approach is very different. We stay in faith. We operate the spiritual laws. Yes, normal precautions are taken. If you have hurricane shutters, you use them – things of this nature.

The spiritual person never saves for catastrophe or emergency. The spiritual person saves for happy things – a dream home – a cruise – a nice wardrobe etc. To save for “emergency or catastrophe” is to invite this into your life. It puts the focus on the negative.

Sure, there are recurring things that one can prepare for – the utility bills, internet fees, monthly maintenance. Yes, sure it is okay to set money aside for these things as they will definitely happen. But saving for disaster? Planning for disaster? A huge no-no.