Saturn In Aquarius


On March 23, 2020 Saturn makes a major move from Capricorn to Aquarius. This is major. Saturn only changes signs ever 2 and a half years. This move is only a brief foray into Aquarius. He will move back into Capricorn (in retrograde motion) on July 2. So this move is a foretaste – a foreshadowing – of things to come. On December 8 Saturn will move in Aquarius for the long term – the next two and a half years.

Saturn has a reputation as being the cosmic “bad guy”. The ancients called him the “greater malefic” the baddest of the bad guys. While this seems true on the superficial level. He is really much more than that. Keep in mind that every planet is the incarnation of a Divine Principle. Inherently good. But each of the planets bring their good in different ways.

Saturn is considered bad, because he makes us aware of our limits. Here on earth there is always limitation. A form is a limit – even a good form. Here on earth energy is not boundless. Some have more than others, but there is always some limit. Learning to live within our limits – to take them into account is one of the great lessons that Saturn brings. The problem is that our limits are generally not what we think they are. They are self imposed. Saturn will help us to understand this.

Saturn is the principle of “order”. Without order – right arrangement of parts to a whole – right sequence in the performance of any task – life would be impossible. It is order that brings cosmos out of chaos.

Is the world in chaos? Is it infected with nihilism? Rest assured, sooner or later, Saturn (or a Saturn figure) will come in and restore order.

Saturn in the Horoscope shows where order is needed and how the native goes about it. When we read it in a transit chart it shows where the cosmos is going to restore order – a right order – in certain areas of life. Restoring order – especially if things have been mismanaged – can be a traumatic process. There can be pain, enforced limitation, the breaking of old habits – but the end result is good.

All the planets – since they are Divine Principles – are loving. Saturn would embody the principle of “tough love”. He is like the marine drill sergeant – he seems mean, demanding and nasty. But this is in order to achieve a higher good. The recruit generally doesn’t see this until much later, when he is in actual combat and the lessons so nastily forced on him saves his life and the lives of others.

So now Saturn is moving into the sign of Aquarius – the sign of science, astronomy, astrology, the high tech world, the electronic media, the online world.
In a general way we can say that this is going to be a big relief for certain signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They will feel it stronger in 2021. A lot of stressful energy moves off of them. Health will be on the upswing. It will also be good for people strong in Gemini.

Aquarius, as we mentioned, rules astrology – something of great interest to me personally and to the readership. This transit can be read in many ways and probably all of them are true to some degree. More order is being put into the astrology world. There will be attempts to impose more regulation on it. Some of this can come internally – from some of the big astrological organizations – and some from the powers that be. It seems to me that the classical astrology – the medieval astrology – so long out of vogue – will become more popular. There is a greater conservatism in the science. Though a Saturn transit through a sign usually denotes a bear market in the industries ruled by the sign, I don’t think this will happen with astrology. For, in 2021, Jupiter will also be in Aquarius helping out. This could happen in 2022 when Jupiter leaves Aquarius.

The online world has been chaotic. In one sense it is good. Every person has a medium to express his or her thoughts and ideas. It democratized the media. However, as we all know, this has been a mixed

blessing. The online, twitter, Facebook world is filled with “fake news”. Some of it actually harmful. Saturn is now going in and setting some order here. There will be increased regulation of this world. The internet too. Let’s hope that it will be something positive and not outright repression.

More order, more restrictions are being imposed on the scientific community. But again this is more likely in 2022 rather than 2021.

Saturn rules the corporate world – especially the managers. So I expect we will be seeing more innovation – more experimentation in management. Perhaps people will be working from home. Perhaps there will be other innovations not yet thought of.

Saturn’s move out of Capricorn is good for the USA – especially the economy. Saturn in opposition to the country’s Sun has been a drag on it. It would have grown more and faster had Saturn not been stressing it out.