Dealing with the Corona Virus



This outbreak has its roots in the Lunar Eclipse of January 10, 2020. I’ve been reading the history of the outbreak. The first reports came out of China on January 5 (well within orb of this eclipse). It was first reported as an outbreak of flu or pneumonia in China. It wasn’t called corona virus. But gradually it built up as more and more people were affected. And, little by little, it grew into what we are seeing today. A total international panic.

The first thing to do is to put things into perspective. This is the problem with panic. We lose all sense of proportion. I’m reading different numbers for the fatality rate. Depending on who you read, the fatality rate is anywhere between 1 and 3.8 %. So for the sake of this article, let’s take the highest number – 3.8%. This means that of the people who contract the virus 96.2 % recover. There don’t you feel better already?

Let’s look deeper at this. Of this 3.8% of fatalities, the greatest number happens among children and old people (over 60). People undergoing chemotherapy are probably also at greater risk. If you are in the middle of this, your chances of fatality are close to zero. The odds of your recovery are in the range of 99%. So, while it is good to take rational precautions – a person should consult with a health professional about this – it is no reason to stop your life. The common flu kills approximately 30,000 people a year here in the USA. I don’t have the global numbers. This is much more than what is happening with corona virus. Much, much more. Yet, we don’t see lockdowns, cancelled flights, quarantines with the flu. Life goes on normally. And so it should be here.

For those on the spiritual path – the students of the light – there is different advice. Get into the “inner state” of health – through meditation or affirmation – or through your spiritual practice – and stay in this state. Spend more time accessing this state. This will not only help you with corona virus but also with any other health issue you’re dealing with. Personally I like the simple statement GOD IS HEALTH. It seems simple, but if you unpack that by meditation on it, it is ultra powerful. Health is the nature of the Divinity within. It couldn’t be otherwise. And, there is only ONE power and ONE presence in your consciousness – the Divine. This will keep you well protected. And, even if you do contract something (much depends on personal karma) it will pass quickly and be mild. Most likely you won’t catch anything.

God is health in you, your family, your friends, neighbors, country and the world.