Same Old Song

Hindu Astrology


It’s really interesting how the secular media trots out the same old slanders time after time. Every few years we hear the same story. In today’s Wall Street Journal (February 22, 2020) there is an article called YOUR ZODIAC SIGN ISN’T ALIGNED WITH THE STARS. It is yet another attempt to discredit the most holy science of Astrology. Here’s the gist of the article. Because over the past few thousand years the constellations in the heavens have moved (approximately one degree every 72 years) an Aries is not really an Aries, nor is a Scorpio really a Scorpio. At one time there was a close congruence between the constellations and the signs that bear their name. But this is now not the case. Whoopee!

This shift is well known to astrologers and they all (especially the Hindu astrologers) correct for this shift as a matter of course. But as far as Western Astrology is concerned, this is a non-issue. Our zodiac has no relationship to the constellations in the Heavens. We use a tropical zodiac – a zodiac that is based on the earth’s revolution around the Sun. By this system if you were born an Aries or Scorpio that’s what you are. Because thousands of years ago the constellations were identical with the tropical signs – they were basically interchangeable – some confusion has set in. One system was confused with the other. It didn’t make much of a difference back then, but now it does.

So don’t worry, if you are a Scorpio you are still a Scorpio by the Western system.