Dealing with Negative States

Dealing with Negative States

As long as we inhabit physical bodies, we will have to deal with negativity. There are so many events
that can trigger a negative reaction. One is rejected by a lover or would be lover or from some job;
someone at work or at the store spoke insultingly; the repairman didn’t do what he promised and
overcharged you; the bank or credit card company made a mistake in your accounts. The list goes on
and on.

Being triggered is not the issue. It can happen to anyone even the highest Guru. The only issue is this –
do you want to stay in that state or get out of it quickly. The spiritual person will recognize the negative
reaction – the anger or disappointment – and immediately take steps to neutralize it. The average person
will linger there – analyze it – review the resentments – self justify etc. And this is the danger. The longer
one stays in a negative state – no matter how justified it is – the more vulnerable and unsafe it becomes
for the person. A negative state can be likened to being in a “bad and dangerous” neighborhood.
Anything can happen there. There can be shootings and robberies or harassment etc. But its even
more than that. The overall energy, the life force, in a person is lowered. Thus the person becomes
more vulnerable to all kinds of strange maladies. Opportunistic invaders aren’t easily repelled.

Now the question is, what do I do when I’m triggered? How do I exit a negative state?

There are many ways, but they must be practiced. There is color therapy, breathing exercises, sound
therapy, prayer and meditation. In the moment, these things need to be applied.