Understanding Eclipses

understanding eclipses

Eclipses are very powerful cosmic signals of change. There are authorities who say that nothing major
happens in life unless there is an eclipse involved. Personally, I feel that the strong transits will act even
without an eclipse, but certainly eclipses are involved in many major shifts in the life.

There are Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses. Usually there are two sets of each in a given year – but not
always. Sometimes there are more.

In general, the Solar Eclipse is stronger than the Lunar Eclipse. But this is a great generality. If, for
example, the Lunar Eclipse impacts on many planets in your Natal Horoscope or by transit, while the
Solar Eclipse doesn’t, the Lunar Eclipse will affect a person stronger. We have to evaluate case by

Total eclipses tend to be stronger than partial ones. But again this is a generality. A partial eclipse that
impacts many planets – in your Natal Horoscope or by transit – will be stronger than a total eclipse that
doesn’t impact anything.

It is also important to study the rulerships of the planets that are being hit by the eclipse. This will show
dramas, upheavals, disruptions in the area of life ruled by the planet. If, for example, the Lord of the 8th
house is impacted, the eclipse can signal an encounter with death – perhaps a near death experience
and in some cases an actual death. If the financial planet is impacted, there are going to be dramatic
financial changes in the life. If the love planet is impacted it shows disruptions and dramas in the love
and social life – and so on and so forth for all the departments of life.

Most people think that the eclipse is only in effect for the time that it happens. But in truth there are in
effect for approximately 6 months – until the next set of eclipses happen. A planet that moves over an
eclipse point – or makes a stressful aspect to it – can restimulate the original eclipse.