Libra And The Hips


Most of the authorities (and we respect them) give the rulership of the hips to Sagittarius (and thus Jupiter as its ruler). But when we do our own meditation on this subject, we see a strong case for Libra and Venus as the ruler.

The human body is divided in 12 sections, each corresponding to one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The 12 sections follow the sequence of the signs – Aries is the head, Taurus the neck and throat, Gemini the shoulders and arms, Cancer the breasts and stomach, Leo the heart, Virgo the intestines and lower abdomen, Libra, the Kidneys and buttocks, Scorpio the anus and reproductive and elimination system, Sagittarius the thighs, Capricorn the knees and bones, Aquarius the ankles and calves and Pisces, the feet. Man is truly a “star being”.

But there are problems with assigning Sagittarius to the hips as most authorities do. It seems to be out of sequence. The thighs are Sagittarius (everyone agrees on this) to make the hips Sagittarius forces us to skip parts of the body. Its as if you skip Libra and Scorpio and put Sagittarius in there. It seems out of sequence to the regular order. But this is only one objection.

Libra is the midpoint of the zodiac. Thus it should correspond to the midpoint of the body – the waist, where the hips are. Green, which is the color of Libra is the midpoint of the colors – the balance. You have red, orange, yellow on one side, blue, indigo and violet on the other. Green stands in the middle. This all fits in to the meaning of the sign, which is balance, justice, right proportion (another name for beauty). So again this points to Libra ruling the middle of the body – the waist area – the hips.