Astrology – The Perfect Marriage of the Right and Left Brain


Astrology is unique among the esoteric sciences as it involves the full engagement of both sides of the
brain. Not only full engagement, but perfect cooperation and synchronicity.

There is a strong mathematical and technical side to it. Setting up the Horoscope involves the left brain.
We need to know the exact positions of each planet and house cusp. The practitioner strives for utmost
accuracy. This is not intuitive. One does not go into a trance and come up with a Horoscope.

However, once the Horoscope is set up, intuition, the right brain, comes into play. There are so many
nuances in a Horoscope, so many shades of meaning, that one must rely on the intuition. There are
many ways to read a planet or house position. There are many levels of meaning. There are always
contradictions in the Horoscope. Very few people are purely one force or another. Every Horoscope
has conflicting tendencies. These are best dealt with by the intuition of the Astrologer. If the practitioner
is alert, he or she will get a certain vibe from the chart. This vibe will lead to the correct meaning.

The intuition however, never contradicts the technical side. The technical side never over rides the
intuitive side. They are both working together cooperatively. This is the way that a healthy marriage or
love relationship should be like. Neither the man nor the woman (the left and right brains) are fighting or
competing with each other. But each is complementing the other.

It is great therapy for those confused about relations between the sexes.