Book Review: Medical Astrology for Health Practitioners, A Healer’s Guide by Judith Hill


The beauty of this book is that one doesn’t need to know much about astrology in order to get benefit
from it. Beginners in medical astrology can use it. Doctors, herbalists, chiropractors and energy healers
can also gain much benefit. It is a great introduction to her other, more serious and detailed, books on
Medical Astrology.

Here she deals with easy to understand factors in health. Where is the patient’s Natal Saturn? Mars?
South and North Nodes? These will show tendencies to chronic and inflammatory problems in the case
of Saturn and Mars, and energy deficiencies and overages in the case of the South and North Nodes.

Every planet affects different organs and body regions. Each position will show the kind of ailments that
are likely. A person’s sun sign (which everyone knows) gives a tendency to certain pathologies and
responds well to certain remedies. These are all discussed.

There is a chapter on Moon signs as well, but these need more astrological knowledge. It is easy to find
this out as one only needs to know how to read an ephemeris. The Moon’s position at birth also gives rise
to certain ailments and responds well to certain therapies. The position of the Moon by transit is also a
factor in when to have surgery or when to start certain therapies.

There is a wonderful chapter on public health trends. These arise from certain transits and eclipses.
There is a chapter on scheduling surgeries. The difference between a successful surgery and a botched
one is often a matter of timing. There are times that are favorable and times to be avoided. (My
experience has been that surgeons have their secular schedule and generally resent interference.)There
are times when certain herbs (and medicines) will act more powerful than usual as well, and she explains

She also discusses a very important fact that few take into account. Its not always about the practitioner’s
skill. What is the energetic compatibility between Doctor and patient? A Doctor can be very skilled but if
he or she is not compatible with the patient, things will not go well. The reverse is also true. A Doctor of
average skills can do remarkable work if there is good rapport with the patient.

All in all this is a nice introduction to Medical Astrology. Is it complete? No (as she stresses throughout).
But the student needs to start somewhere.

Highly recommendable.