Interview With Roberta Pinheiro of Correio Braziliense

1. Why did you decide to work with astrology?
I will give the short version of this story. As with most people, I discovered Astrology, in the midst of a
severe personal crisis. My brother, with whom I was very close, was dying of Cancer. It was a horrible
and painful death. I was in an unhappy relationship and hated the job I was in. In short I was a mess.
During this time, I was attending yoga classes – this kept me sane in a difficult time. One day my yoga
friends approached me and invited me to an astrology party. A famous astrologer would be there and
read our charts (for a fee). I was not a believer at that time. But my situation was so desperate I was
willing to try anything. So I signed up. This astrologer had never met me. Yet he knew me on a deeper
level than even my parents. He even told me that I would be writing books! This astounded me as this
was so far away from my consciousness. Within 3 years I had written 3 books – two were published.
Amazing! After the reading I asked him if he would teach me. “I must learn about this” I said. He wasn’t
teaching but he gave me a number to call. A few months later I called and the rest is history. This
happened in 1972.

2. How to make use of planetary influences to make the most of the new year?
There are so many ways that astrology can help us in every day life. I can’t think of any discipline that
has this kind of power. For example, if we know that Mercury is retrograde (going backwards) we can
avoid signing contracts or make major purchases that period. We will use that period for negotiations
but not for finalizing things. Another example, if Jupiter is making good aspects to your financial planet,
you might want to invest some money in a lottery or some other speculation. It doesn’t guarantee that
you will win but it does improve your odds. Many other factors go in to winning lotteries or
speculations. If the planets are stressful for you on a given day or period In your life it is a good idea to
rest more – take a more reduced schedule. In general when the moon is waxing it is good for starting
new projects. A wedding or a move to a new home should always be done when the moon is waxing.
When the moon is waning it is good for finishing up old projects. The waxing moon is good for planting,
the waning moon is good for harvesting. This would apply to our investments as well. If you are saving
or investing, good to do it on a waxing moon. If you are paying down debt or other bills it is good to do
it on the waning moon. These are only a few examples of how astrology can help us make the most of
our year and our lives. There are many many examples.

3. Do you notice any difference in public receptivity over the years on the subject of astrology? In Brazil,
we notice a greater public interest, what do you think this is due to?
Astrology has always been a main stream teaching – for thousands of years. In fact it was a requirement
for all doctors to know astrology. It was only in the 1700s – the advent of the so-called enlightenment –
that astrology was banned from the universities and from scientific circles. Before the 1700s there was
no difference between astronomy and astrology. If you were an astronomer you were an astrologer.
And vice a versa. After the 1700s the two disciplines split apart. Astronomers can tell as many things
that astrologers say. Only they give the superficial data. The astrologer is not so much interested in
when any eclipse happens or whether this Sun is in such a position or another position. The astrologer
is interested in what these things mean. How do these celestial phenomenon impact us on earth?

In modern times astrology has waxed and waned in popularity. In the 1960s for example it was very
popular. Then it waned. Since the turn of the century it has once again become more popular and more
main stream.

Traditionally, the truths of astrology could never be verified in the lab. we just didn’t have the
technology to do this. But now with the advent of biofeedback, brain scans and quantum physics these
things will soon be proven scientifically. So I expect that astrology will become even more main stream.

4. Is this book for beginners in the astrology?
Yes this book is very suitable for beginners. In fact it was written for beginners. Astrology itself is a vast
vast subject. The book will give the beginner workable ways to use astrology in their every day life.

5. What are the main predictions of the signs for next year? What are the main trends for each sign?
This question is best answered by reading the book. This information is given for each sign. Your
readers will get a better explanation there, than I can give here.

6. How do you make a prediction for next year? How does this type of study work?
A great question. I cast a Horoscope for the year as a whole. In this Horoscope I input all the various
planetary phenomena thaw will occur – e.g. the movements of the planets, the Mercury retrogrades, the
eclipses, and other phenomena. Once this is done, we can read the trends for each of the signs.

The same thing is done on a monthly basis, which will show the trends of the given month.

Setting up these Horoscopes is perhaps more time consuming than the actual writing. For once, you
have the “homework” done, the writing flows quite easily.

I stick strictly to what the Horoscope shows.

7. How much can a person’s star chart interfere with the predictions and trends he makes?
This is another great question. Keep in mind that in this book we deal with just one factor – a person’s
Sun sign. It is accurate so far as it goes. But in a real Horoscope, there are many more factors than just
the Sun – there are 9 other planets and there is the Ascendant and Midheaven. So, yes, a person’s
individual Horoscope (cast specifically for the person, for their exact date, time and place of birth) can
modify what we say in the book. This is why it is always best to have your personal astrologer, who will
look at all these things. A personal Horoscope can be expensive – especially if it is done right – and
many can’t afford it. This book is the next best thing.

If a reader knows his or her Rising Sign, I strongly suggest that they read the reports not only of their
sun sign, but also of their Rising Sign. They will probably get a better sense of things.

8. Which planet will rule the year 2020 and what does it mean?
There is no specific planet that will rule the year. However, in the coming year, where the sign of
Capricorn will be ultra strong, we could say that Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, will be the dominant
planet of 2020.

9. How does tecnology influences predictions?
Technology will not influence the stars. In fact the reverse is true. The stars will influence technology.
Technology plays a role in Astrology only because with many fine computer programs available, we are
able to cast charts very quickly and also look at many fine points that were impossible to look at before
the advent of computers. When I began, there were no computers. We did everything by hand. Casting
a simple Horoscope would take hours. Today it is done in seconds. So, we have more time to
investigate the subtleties in a Horoscope.