There’s no question that diet is a factor in health. However, it is only ONE factor among a host of them –
and not even the most important factor.

There are many factors that are more important than diet. God consciousness is certainly more
important. This will certainly influence the diet.

Another important factor in health is doing the work that you were designed to do. This will eliminate
many of the stresses and conflicts of life.

More important than diet is being in emotional harmony. It is said that a person in emotional harmony –
if maintained for 3 days (easier said than done) will be cured of any sickness and problem in life. If
health is the issue, it will stabilize. If there are financial problems, it will be resolved. Whatever the
problem, emotional harmony will resolve it. The Masters teach that if one maintains emotional harmony
over a life time, they would not die. They would ascend to heaven in their physical bodies!

But even if one considers diet to be number one, what is the right diet? Does the longshoreman need
the same diet as the accountant or poet? Of course not.

Not only do different people need different diets, but even the same person will need different diets at
different stages of life. There is no “one size fits all”.

So what is the solution here? Basically each person needs to learn how he or she functions. This is
done through trial, error and experiment. How do you feel when you eat an egg, or carrot or celery?
Make note. As you observe, you will see what works for you.

The Horoscope gives good guidance on these things too. But even so, your personal observation, is
very important.