Adventures in Consciousness

Adventures in Consciousness

The Higher Consciousness often teaches us – not through books or lectures – but through direct life
experience. Often (we can never say always as its action cannot be comprehended by the mortal
human mind) it will set up situations that answer our questions in a physical 3D way.

Yesterday I drove to the mall for dinner. I parked in the lot and had a clear memory of where I parked.
Then I went in, had my meal, and left to the parking lot to drive home. I walk to the spot where I
remembered I had parked. No car there. I’m scratching my head in puzzlement. I look at other lanes.
Still no car. I wander around the lot checking every single car there – still no car. My Lexus (most cars
have this) has a panic button. When you press it, the horn goes off and you can locate your car. I press
the button – no sound or answer. “Oh my God” I think “my car has been stolen!”.

I call road service and ask if they can locate my car. They cannot but they can connect me to the
department that can. After many minutes on hold, someone comes on and asks me to go to the app
and input my user name and password. Nothing happens. The agent is very polite and says he will do it
for me. After 10 or so minutes, he gets back to me and says that he cannot log me in. I am in despair. I
have an appointment in a half hour. I need to get home. Psychologically I’m reviewing all my options. I
will have to call the police, report the car stolen, and will probably have to get a ride home somehow.
Then I will have to call my insurance company and go through all the red tape. Worse yet, I have many
important papers in my car.
Finally it occurs to me to use what I teach others to use. I make the statement “no loss in the mind of
God, no loss in my mind, everything is restored”. At that moment, a rainbow appears in the sky. I feel
heartened. I don’t see any physical evidence of deliverance, but the rainbow assures me that all is well.
I’m ready to call the police. I even dial the number. Then it hits me. I’m in the wrong parking lot. The
Mall has many. The lot where I parked is in another place. I hang up and rush to the other lot. Sure
enough the car is there, untouched and perfect. I drive home and make my appointment. (With much
relief and gratitude.)

Now here’s the point of this story. Psychologically, I was experiencing loss. It felt very real. It was
“reality” as many of my clients like to say. But was it reality? No. The whole experience was in
consciousness. I believed that the car was lost and experienced all that this entails. When I made the
statement of “no loss”, there was a correction in my consciousness and the car was found. There was
never any loss in reality – only in my thought and feeling world. The instant we correct the
consciousness, the physical reality changes.

How many things in life are like this? A mother believes her child is dead and suffers all the anguish of
that belief. Then her child shows up. A person gets a call that they have malignant cancer and goes
through all the psychological anguish of that diagnosis. Then a day later she gets an apologetic call –
the diagnosis was in error. The doctors had read the wrong biopsy report. The stock market tumbles for
a day or two and the person feels that he is broke. He suffers all the anguish of this state. Then the
market rights itself and all is well again. Were these states of consciousness “reality” – well, to the
people involved it was their reality – but not reality – just a bad dream.