The Problem With Rulerships

problem with rullerships

Everything on earth – even in the mundane physical world – is connected by vibration – by resonance –
to a certain planet in the heavens which is said to “rule” that object. Thus, the movements of the planets
– whether harmonious or inharmonious – affects things on earth that are linked to them.

For example, the Rose is ruled by Venus (all the authorities agree on this.) Thus when Venus changes
signs or makes aspects to other planets – every rose on earth is affected. Not only that, but everything
ruled by Venus such as copper, sugar, cocoa, the kidneys in the human body – to name a few – is
impacted. If Venus is receiving or making harmonious aspects these areas will be in harmony. If the
aspects are stressful there will be problems in these areas – discords. Roses will not grow as well. They
can be misshappen or have other problems. There would be a statistical increase in kidney problems
on a global level.

Determining rulerships is the challenge. Often the authorities are not in agreement on these things. The
reason is that EVERY material “thing” has some element of ALL the universal forces in it – ALL the
planets are involved with anything.

Let us show an example. The eye has a shape and form. This would be Saturn. It contains liquids – tear
ducts. This would be the action of the Moon and Neptune. The eyes are said to be the window of the
soul – this too would point to Neptune and perhaps Venus. We use the eyes for reading which would
indicate Mercury. Also there are many nerves running through the eyes which enable them to function
this too would be Mercury. The Eye is in the head which is ruled by Aries-Mars. We see only because of
light – this would show the Sun. So, all the cosmic forces are involved with the eye. The issue for us, is
what is the most dominant feature. This would be the rulership. Most astrologers give the eye to the
Sun and Mars. And this seems to bear out in practical experience.

We can analyze any organ in the body and come up with the same result. The liver is ruled by Jupiter –
this seems unanimous among the authorities. But the liver has shape and form (Saturn). It contains
liquid (the Moon and Neptune). It secretes bile, which is said to be bitter (this is Saturn). It is said to
purify the blood (this would be Mars and perhaps Pluto). It is located in the Virgo-Leo section of the
body – this would be Mercury and the Sun. There are many nerves in the liver – this would be Mercury.
There are muscles there. This would be Mars. So determining rulerships requires meditation.

What is the dominant feature of a thing? What is its function – either in the body or on the earth? What is
its shape and color? These are the things that need to be looked at.