Book Review: Medical Astrology in Action by Judith Hill

Medical Astrology Review

Have you ever wondered why you had a shoulder pain that came on suddenly? Or a headache? Or feel
constipated? Sluggish? Dizzy? You need to read this book. These things don’t just happen. The body –
which is a dynamic energy system – is reacting to the shifting cosmic energies as shown by the
planetary movements.

Every planet and every sign is associated with some part of the body, some organ, some function.
Should a planet impact on one of your Natal planets, there will be some impact on the parts of the body
that this planet rules.

Healthy people, people with high energy, rarely experience these things as pathologies – more like
annoyances. But older, weaker people, or people with pre-existing conditions will feel these movements
much stronger. But even healthy people will feel it if there are many transiting planets – a gang up –
impacting a Natal planet.

Normally when we read transits we look at the effect in terms of love, finance, family etc. But here the
author shows that EVERY transit has a health component to it. And she outlines what it is.
It is a major piece of work. Thoroughly researched. Well written. But this work will not be suitable for
beginners in astrology. It assumes that you know how to cast a chart, understand aspects and transits.
An intermediate student or above will find this useful.

Every planet has metals, colors, gems and herbs associated with it. And, she gives herbal remedies for
each situation.

One of the groundbreaking insights here is the power of the Quincunx aspect – considered a minor
aspect by most astrologers. But she considers it the pre-eminent aspect for health issues. This is
something that needs to be researched.

Interspersed throughout are many case histories – she calls them field notes – that illustrate her points.
Herbal remedies are also suggested for different situations.

Rulerships are rarely cut and dried. The student will find many disagreements among the authorities on
this area. Part of the problem is that every organ, every system, has a little bit of every planet in them.
The issue is what is the most dominant feature. Most authorities give the hips to Jupiter and Sagittarius.
But if you look at the signs that rule the different part of the body – if you go down the line – Libra, which
comes after Virgo (the lower abdomen) is more appropriate and Libra’s ruler is Venus. She gives the
rulership of the teeth to Taurus (ruled by Venus) and she has many authorities backing her up. But
Mars and Saturn seem a more accurate rulership. The teeth as bony structure relate to Saturn. (She
does give Saturn as one of the rulers of the teeth in various sections.) The teeth which are located in the
head would suggest Aries and Mars. Also consider that the teeth are used to “devour” – they are
weapons – especially in the animal kingdom. Again Mars. The authorities give the red blood cells to
Mars, but from a functional standpoint, the white blood cells, which are the internal police force of the
body, seems a more appropriate rulership. (She acknowledges this, by the way.) The Authorities are
useful but every student needs to do his or her own meditation on these things.

Regardless of my nitpickings here, this is a wonderful book. (It is rare that I agree with everything I read
even in the most wonderful books.) This is something that every one interested in healing and medical
Astrology will want on their bookshelf as a reference. The amount of research that went into this is
prodigious. And, she manages to present this awesome scholarship in a readable way. This is not
beach reading material by any means, but much more readable than most of what you will see on this
subject. A great public service. Perhaps this work will guide the medical profession in the future.
Medicine and astrology at one time marriage partners can once again be reunited.

Highly recommendable.