Life’s Secret

Life's Secret

“That by which a man conquers in any passage, is a profound secret to every other being in the world, and it is only as he turns his back on us and on all men, and draws on this most private wisdom, that any good can come to him.” Ralph Waldo Emerson in THE CONDUCT OF LIFE.

Here Emerson reveals the secret of secrets – the mystery of mysteries – the pearl of great price. Within every person is the way to happiness, success and power. There is nowhere to look but within. This “private wisdom” is the way for him or her. When contacted and followed, it leads to success.

Teachers are valuable. They can teach the basics of a given craft – the vocabulary – the outer rules and principles. But they cannot teach creativity or success. The craftsmen needs to know how to handle the hammer or saw; the writer needs a good vocabulary; the artist needs to know how to blend colors; the metaphysician needs to know how to pray. But the application of these things is in the hands of the student.

“Leave all and follow me” is the command of the Christ Consciousness. Leave all human thinking, opinion and reliance and follow ME. I will show you the way in every situation.

Your private wisdom is likely to be unique. The private wisdom of others has worked for them, but you are different. It might not work for you. What works for you might not work for another. The best that the teacher can do is to lead the student to the fount of his or her own private wisdom and allow that to operate. Then miracles will happen.