twin flame 4

How to connect with your Twin Flame.

Remember what the Twin Flame is. This is your male/female side that was created when you were created – on the spiritual level. He/she is always there on that level. So the quickest way to connect with him/her is to connect to the Divine where the union is a long established fact.

But the connection to the Divine should be done in a certain way. It is great to pray to the Divine. Every single prayer is heard and answered on the spiritual level. It can take time to see the answer on the physical/material level as the spiritual consciousness goes through various levels until it reaches material manifestation. But here we connect by identifying with our immortal spiritual selves – the true identity.

When you identify with your spiritual nature – I AM AN IMMORTAL BEING OF LIGHT, ONE WITH GOD AND IN PERFECT UNION AND HARMONY WITH THE UNIVERSE – you automatically become one with the realities of that level. You are connected with spiritual affluence, love, harmony, peace and happiness. And, also with your Twin Flame. For that is a reality on that level.

As you do this, love will come into the consciousness. The love of the Twin Flame. He/she loves you unconditionally. You will feel loved wherever you are and whatever your physical circumstance. The Twin Flame will love you through all people. Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, makes no difference. The love will be there. In a relationship there will be certain pleasures. Out of a relationship there will be other pleasures. Inside you feel the same.

Sometimes karmic issues need to be dealt with before meeting the Twin Flame physically. Sometimes your mission in life – the work you’re supposed to do this life – might preclude a physical meeting. The Twin Flame can help you better “behind the scenes”. But the important thing is that all your needs in love will be taken care of – whatever the needs happen to be.

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