twin flame 3

The Twin Flame relationship is of a whole different order from either the karmic or the soul mate relationship. True there is often karma to be balanced in these relationships. And, often the partners are committed to some goal here on earth.

But the Twin Flame is a totally spiritual relationship. The two beings are merely aspects on one thing. They were created together. They represent the “other half” of the partner on a spiritual level. Divorce is totally impossible here. The relationship exists on a higher plane. It goes on life after life.

This, in my opinion, is why the Catholics (and many protestant sects) outlaw divorce. Their mode of marriage is based on the Twin Flame relationship where divorce is impossible.

Often especially initially, the twin flames might not even “like” each other on the psychological level. But the bonds between them are above the psychological level. The bonds are spiritual. Often there is a recognition of this somewhere in the psyche.

Often one doesn’t meet the twin flame in the flesh. The souls are not yet ready for this. Both need to undergo certain earthly experiences before they meet. Sometimes one’s twin flame could even be married to another – also to adjust karma. There is an eternal union and a total freedom between twin flames. Sometimes your twin flame could live in your town and you would never meet or know each other. The time is not right.

And, although you might not meet this person in the flesh, the spiritual bond, the oneness is always there.

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