There is much confusion about the Soul Mate relationship. But here is my understanding of it. Two souls agree to unite to achieve a mutual purpose here on the earth. This purpose can be manifold. Often it is the mutual desire to create a family. Sometimes it is a mutual desire to create a business or institution. Sometimes it involves some artistic kind of goal. One party wants to be an artist, or writer. The other party volunteers to foster this.

Soul Mate relationships often involve paying off karma. They are rarely smooth. But they are based on something higher than mere lust, power, politics or convenience. They are based on achieving something worth while here on the earth (something worthwhile in the eyes of the couple). Thus they tend to last longer than a purely karmic relationship.

Let us say that a man or woman commits to a certain life work. It doesn’t matter what it is. He or she will now attract people who are “in line” – in sync – with this aspiration. He or she will meet a Soul Mate that is in harmony with this aspiration.

Let us say that after 20 years of their relationship either the man or the woman changes the life goal wants to do something different – and this often happens. The soul mate relationship can dissolve. For, it was build on the foundation of a certain premise. Now that the premise is different, the relationship has little basis on which to stand. It can dissolve.

Thus, one can have many soul mates in life – it all depends on the focus of the life purpose. A soul mate is not “forever” – even the good ones are for one life. In a future life, there can be a different soul mate depending on the objectives of that life.

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