twin flame 1

All marriages are made in heaven.

But what about the ones that don’t work out – the ones that turn out be hellish? How could these come from heaven which by definition is perfect?

Yet those too are from heaven. These hellish marriages – and relationships – we call karmic relationships. The couple is brought together to adjust negative karma from the past. There are two kinds of karmas in these relationships. One kind is where the couple involved have abused each other in past lives and now have to adjust it. Once this is done, there is no more reason for the relationship and it dissolves. The 2nd kind of karma has to do with the state of mind from which the couple (one or the other member) approached the relationship. Was it based on lust? Was it based on a need to escape some negative situation (it was quite common for people to marry just to get out of their parents home)? Was it based on greed? (Marrying for money etc.) Was it based on power or convenience? It was quite common for marriages to happen to create an alliance between two families. Politics was behind it. These too are karmic relationships. The karma lies in the state of mind of one or the other of the people involved.

These relationships tend to not last. And even if they do (as in the case of political marriages) they are not happy and the marriage tends to be in “name” only.

But heaven arranges other kinds of marriages too. Some we call the “soul mate” relationship and, some we call the “Twin Flame” relationship. These are of a wholly different order.