I’m reading that statistically the average person suffers a personal loss every 9 or so years. (We are not a statistic, some people suffer these things less than 9 years, some more – but on the average this is so.) Also, statistically speaking, it takes 5 or so years to full digest one’s grief by the current psychological methods.

Think about what this means.

It means that most of our lives are spent just in processing grief. Most of our lives are spent analyzing and wallowing in grief and self pity! What a statistic!

Now it is true that much creativity, much beautiful art and music, arises from this. But look at this from spiritual perspective. Life is spent in the darkness. In negativity. It means that they are not fully alive, not up to par, not able to live to their full potential.

Moreover, these negative states deplete the energy. There is less available for doing our true work, less available for healing the body – and low energy makes the body more susceptible to disease.

I have found in my own experiences with grieving people that eventually – through a long dark process they do eventually reach a spiritual perspective on their loss.

My question is, why wait to arrive at the same conclusion that can be had relative quickly? Why waste time and life? Why subject oneself and others to all this negativity? Let’s arise, as soon as possible, to a higher state, where all these issues are understood.

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