Some Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde


Most readers know the meaning of Mercury’s retrograde. It tends to produce communication problems and snafus. There are delays in transportation issues. Flights get delayed and often connecting flights are missed because of this. Sometimes they actually get canceled. Often local trips take longer than usual because of traffic or accidents. Computer and phone equipment can act up as well.

But Mercury retrogrades will vary in intensity. For example, the most recent one – from July 10 to August 1 – occurred with 4 other planets also retrograde. So, 50% of the planets (including Mercury) were retrograde this period. So, the effect – the intensity – has been greatly magnified. On a personal level I felt it very strongly.

If Mercury was retrograde on his own – without other planets retrograde – one would still feel it, but its impact would be less intense. If Mercury is retrograde and there are other planets also retrograde, the impact is stronger.

This insight would give more nuance to a reading.