On Easy Charts

on easy charts

I get a lot of questions – and they are legitimate – about the meaning of an “easy chart”. The old fashioned terminology for this was “blessed and fortunate”. Some people think that an easy chart means that NO challenges or stressful things happen. But this is not the meaning. We live on the earth. Things down here are not perfect. (Only in heaven are things always perfect. Here on earth we are required to create perfection – it is not handed to us on a silver platter.) People with easy charts will often have traumas in life. But they have help in dealing with them and they generally get best case scenarios. Keep in mind that every easy chart – at least the ones that I’ve seen – always contain some percentage of challenge. But the easy, harmonious things are stronger. Thus the tendency is to success – to ease – to harmony.

A good way to understand this it to think of a salesman making his rounds. He goes to his first stop and prospect is polite, but doesn’t buy, he is told to come back again. He goes to the 2nd stop and is roundly berated, insulted and thrown out of the place. A disaster! But then on the 3rd and 4th stops the buyers place huge orders and even invite him to dinner. Now the question is was it a good day or a bad day? Definitely a good day most people would say. He got two big orders and made a lot of money. But what about the traumatic 2nd stop where he was insulted and thrown out? Still a good day as any salesman will say.

So, yes there can be traumas in an easy chart, but the good things are stronger and more numerous.