On Spiritual Affluence – Part 5

the spirit

An important law of Spiritual Affluence. We neither beg, borrow nor steal. None of these things are necessary

Now admittedly, in our current society borrowing seems a part of life. Even the richest people borrow from the banks. And, who has not taken out a mortgage or car loan? It seems impossible to function without borrowing.

Yet, the law stands.

Affluence will meet us in our present state of consciousness. For some the solution to a financial problem is a job. For some it is an expensive piece of equipment necessary to function. So, until the full consciousness of affluence is attained, these things happen. But we see them as temporary steps to full attainment.

Work seems necessary in our world. And even on the spiritual level we have incarnated to do some specific mission. But the person who is conscious of spiritual affluence will work at what he or she enjoys – and not just to “earn a living”. When affluence sends you a job it will be something you enjoy and are good at.

Spiritual Affluence has many, many levels. At the highest level, one manifests whatever he or she wants or needs by direct precipitation. One visualizes or speaks the word for what is needed and it instantly manifests. But this is a high state of consciousness. This is how things work after death – in the spiritual universe. One thinks of what one wants to eat and it instantly appears. One thinks of what one wants to wear and it instantly appears.

Here on Earth this is a high state. There are a some who have manifested this power – but not many. And, for the average person, it would take years and years (and perhaps lifetimes) to develop this ability. It is much simpler to allow affluence to supply us the way that it wants.

We can consider that even things that come to us in the so-called “normal”’ way are also “manifestations of spirit” – only they are more disguised.