On Spiritual Affluence – Part 4

the spirit

The Universe is lavish but not wasteful. Affluence is a spiritual principle, but so is beauty and justice. Wastefulness is not beautiful. Affluence will always happen in beautiful and harmonious ways. When the human mind tries to create wealth there is always karma involved, but not so with spiritual affluence. It comes without any karmic consequence to it.

Allowing affluence to enter the consciousness will make the financial life a thing of beauty. It won’t be just a large balance sheet or many properties. It will become like a painting, an opera or a dance. Money goes out and almost instantly money comes in. If you are a freelancer, one project is finished and another comes as soon as you finish. It is never ending. A bill comes in the mail and often in the same mail the money to cover it comes.

There are many metaphysical systems that advise the practitioner to visualize exactly what he or she wants – the exact amount of money, or the specific thing or object that is desired. These things will work to a degree but a much better and happier way to work is to allow Spiritual affluence to operate the way that it wants to. We don’t need to teach affluence how to be affluent. It knows.

Beginners can mistakenly play fast and loose with this principle. “Oh God supplies everyone, so I can go to the store and take what I want without paying, after all what’s the problem? Won’t god supply the person? Or I don’t need to pay my worker because god supplies him or her too.”

But these kinds of sophistries come from the 3D mind. They will create karma. They violate another spiritual principle – the principle of justice.

Spiritual affluence never requires us to harm another. There is no need for this – not even a thought of this.

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