On Spiritual Affluence – Part 3

the spirit

There are many well meaning people (and some not so well meaning) who feel that poverty can be cured by “human machinations” – socialism, redistribution of wealth, giving away free stuff, forcing a false sense of equality on people. But these things never work – not for long. Why? They are trying to cure what is essentially a spiritual problem by 3D secular ways. Yes, these things can bring some temporary relief, but eventually, as Margaret Thatcher famously said “you run out of people to steal from”.

Since poverty is really an issue of consciousness it must be cured at that level first. How can this be done? I see it as a long term educational process. People need to learn how Spirit works. People need to understand the spiritual laws of affluence and then learn how to apply them. It is not hard to understand these things intellectually – this is the 1st step – but the challenges come in the application in daily life. But with practice and effort it can be done. Little by little. One by one. Slowly. Gradually. Quietly. Without violence and resentment (which by the way is the major blockage to contacting spiritual affluence). By prioritising consistency over intensity. It is the same principle when trying to lose weight. Spending the whole day exercising in a gym won’t yield expected results (intensity). It is the combination of minutes spent exercising every day in a gym over a period of time that produces the results you want (consistency).

I wish there was a “quickie solution” that would have lasting effects. But there is none. Quick solutions will only address the symptoms, not the root cause. It is a gradual process. One by one we tread the wine press alone.

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