On Spiritual Affluence – Part 2

the spirit

When affluence enters the consciousness, it will never give things to do that are “impossible” to you. It will always give in ways that you are able to do – things that are within your power. Often affluence will enlarge the consciousness and show you talents and gifts that you didn’t know you had. But these are not impossibilities. You just didn’t know that you had the capacity for them. Most often opportunities come from the most unexpected places and ways. From left field. Someone gives you an unexpected gift. Someone offers you a dream job opportunity. Sometimes there is an inheritance. A friend of mine who couldn’t pay his rent was walking in Manhattan and something drew his eye near a garbage can. There was a paper bag and inside was $400 – enough for his rent that month. He literally found it on the street!

There are numberless such stories.

We don’t really know HOW affluence will express itself – the specific ways – only that it will. The reason we can’t see the HOW of it is that it comes from a level beyond the 3D mind. The 3D mind is simply not capable of envisioning the outworking.
In fact, the HOW is not really our business. It is the business of the Divine – the source. Our business is to be still, receive and allow it manifest in our lives.

In the world there is much ego attached to money. In many cases it is connected to sex and marriage. Sometimes to social or professional status.But with spiritual affluence there is really no ego, no pride involved. Do you feel proud because you went to a pure spring and drew water? Anyone can do this. Anyone can go to the Spirit of Affluence and draw his supply – and more. There is a sense of happiness and joy, but no pride or ego.

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