On Spiritual Affluence – Part 1

the spirit

When the 3D mentality first encounters the teaching of spiritual affluence there is much confusion. Understandably so. It is so radically different from the way most of us were brought up. In the world, one earns one’s bread by the sweat of the brow. One has to “make” it happen. But the spiritual teaching is different. One tunes in to the source, makes the connection, and “allows” affluence to enter and do its perfect work.

I remember one dear friend’s response when I explained it to him. He was an immigrant and had to go out and do anything – whether he liked it or not – to put food on the table. He became very successful with this approach. He was rich by the worldly standards. But he paid a huge price in terms of his health. It was not a happy wealth, but wealth earned by the sweat of the brow. It was a stressful wealth. He became so angry on hearing this teaching that I thought he would become violent. His face was red, he was shaking. “You mean I just sit in my chair and God will supply!”

It’s not quite like that. Yes, you sit in your chair, get quiet and make the connection. You allow affluence to enter your consciousness. We don’t know exactly how it will work for each individual – each person – is unique and has different needs and different karma. But the spirit, the substance, the energy of affluence will come in and will express itself in a unique way.

This doesn’t mean that you will sit around doing nothing. Actions will certainly happen, but these are the side effects of affluence and not its cause. When affluence enters the consciousness the sense of lack disappears. Sometimes ideas come. Sometimes hunches. Intuition is given free play. Then action happens. Action is mere follow through. By the way, my friend who was once so angry with me, is now a sincere proponent of spiritual affluence (and sometimes he wants to teach me!).

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