Lunar Eclipse of July 16th

lunar eclipse of july 16

Nature has sent her message. A 7.3 earthquake in Indonesia and a blackout in Manhattan. We are in orb of the Lunar Eclipse. Technically it happens on July 16 at 5:32 PM EDT. But we’re in it now. Once again the Capricorns, Canceriens, Aries and Libras are most affected (especially if you were born later in the sign). but if you are a different sun sign but have planets in these signs, you could also be affected. Let’s take it nice and easy now. Whatever needs to be done should be done. But electives are better off re-scheduled. Spend more quiet time at home, watch a movie or read a good book. Best of all meditate. Personally I notice glitches in my computer. It is erratic for no reason.