My Personal Experience of the Solar Eclipse of July 2

solar eclipse

As I write this (July 4) we are still in orb of this eclipse. I took the usual precautions on July 2. I stayed home, meditated and even ate at home (generally I go out). This eclipse impacted on my Mercury and Neptune – on Mercury very exactly. But the day was quiet. My clients seemed OK. Usually there are all kinds of emergency calls.

But I found it impossible to write. My mind was locked. It felt like it was in concrete. This is unusual for me as I write pretty much every day. This was the impact on Mercury which rules these things.

Later in the evening as I prepared to meditate – this is a good thing to do on a New Moon and especially on an eclipse – I found it very difficult. It was harder to get into my God Space. The best way to describe this is by analogy. Imagine that you are driving to a wonderful scenic place – perhaps the beach or a beautiful park. The drive generally takes 10 minutes. However, as you drive, the road is clogged with unusual traffic. There are accidents. Traffic is moving at a snail’s pace. A 10 minute drive becomes an hour drive. Now once you are in your scenic place, everything is wonderful. The sun is swinging, the birds are singing, there are cool breezes coming off the water. But oh my, until you get there – it is havoc.

Once we are in the God Space everything is good. We don’t feel the eclipse. The problem is getting there. The astral plane (the dream world, the emotional level of the planet) is all roiled up. There are all kinds of detours and obstructions. So something that should happen immediately, takes much time. With persistence however we enter in.

This is what happens during eclipse periods. (And also when the general aspects are stressful). It is harder to get to the desired state. (Also the eclipse on Neptune exacerbated the issue). But once you’re there you’re in paradise – it was well worth the effort.