How Astrology Works – A Review

How Astrology Works

HOW ASTROLOGY WORKS, A professional Stargazer Speaks Out! By James Lynn Page. Amazon Publishers. Trade Paper. 184 Pages + Index. $9.05. Kindle edition $2.99. Website www.astro.nu

Our steady readers are well acquainted with James Lynn Page’s writing as he is a regular contributor to our pages. Few know that he is also a full time professional astrologer. And, if you read this work you will see that he is a good one.

In this meticulous and immensely researched book the author delves into the issue of “how” Astrology works. He spends a lot of time (a few chapters) stating the criticisms of astrology by the skeptics. And then proceeds to answer them – one by one.

Basically the skeptics are secular scientists (not be confused with real scientists). They are basically atheists. Their science is strictly from the 3D mind – and thus, by definition – limited. With these people, astrology is not their only problem. They have problems with religion and any kind of metaphysics. They are not really astrology skeptics, but skeptics of the whole spiritual universe.

The limited 3D mind, which is itself the problem (because of its many limitations) is trying to analyze the universe which far transcends it. The gnat sitting on the elephant’s tail is trying to analyze the whole elephant and its laws and nature.

Traditionally the esoteric sciences were never proven in the laboratory. It was always done individually. The seeker would be given a set of practices and as he or she practiced, proof would come to them individually. In other words every person proved it for themselves. This is still the case today. However now we have the technology where these things can be proven in the lab. And this will happen. I can think of many experiments that can be done that would show the power of the planets. This will no doubt happen in the future.

The whole book is very good and interesting reading. But I personally enjoyed the later chapters where he explains the modus operandi of Astrology. The Universe is Mind. The planets are the movements of this Divine Mind. And just as the mind determines physical events and the movements of the body, so too do the movements of the Mind of God impact on the earth.

He brings us the latest science to buttress his arguments. Quantum physics explains how “objects at a distance” can impact things far away. He discusses Synchronicity – a Jungian concept – which does away with causality completely. Synchronicity – meaningful coincidences – things happen when other things happen. This too does away with the argument that things so far away cannot have an impact on us. Synchronicity is about “wholeness and unity” – the universe is a whole. Things tend to happen when other things happen – not because one thing caused it.

He explains Jung’s concept of Archetypes and how Jung saw the planets and signs as Archetypes in the collective unconscious. But here we need some clarification. The Archetypes of the Planets and Signs are more akin to Plato’s notion of Ideas and the Kabbalstic notion of Archetypes than the Jungian version. Jungian archetypes (as I understand it) are humanly created. Kabalistic archetypes are Divine Ideas Patterns of Perfection in the Mind of God. A big difference. They come from above the human level and are by definition perfect.

I used to agree with synchronicity, but as I got deeper into Astrology and did more charts I now believe in causality. The planets and their movements actually cause things to happen. We discussed the Principle of “as above so below” (and the author goes deep into this too). The movements of the planets are movements in the Mind of God. Thus they cause movements – corresponding movements – on the earth (the body). But we can carry this even deeper. Where are these planetary movements happening? Are they happening “out there”? We see them as movements in each individual mind (the higher mind in each individual). So it is the individual’s mind that is causing things.

In other word the planets and universe are not outside the person – but part and parcel of the person’s mentality.

One of the great ways to deal with skeptics (and I’ve dealt with more than my share) is to watch what happens in their own lives. Cast their chart and observe what happens under different transits. Invariably (right in the midst of their denials) the events in their lives confirm the Horoscope.

This is a wonderful and well written piece of work. It is meaty. Juicy. Good mental and spiritual nutrition. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. The research here is prodigious. While I don’t think it will sway a confirmed atheist or 3D scientist (nothing will sway them) it gives ammunition – mental food – for the newcomer and believer. It’s good to have the latest science buttressing one’s beliefs. Highly recommendable.