Numerology and Astrology

Numerology and Astrology

I’m reading a very interesting book by David Hamblin called HARMONIC ASTROLOGY IN PRACTICE. It is a follow up to his earlier book THE SPIRIT OF NUMBERS. As soon as I finish and digest it will post a review here.

We can sum up Harmonic Astrology in one phrase – numerology applied to astrology. Numerology has always been the premise behind aspects (the relationship of each planet to the other). But in traditional astrology only the major aspects – the Trines (120 degrees), Squares (90 degrees), Conjunctions (0 degrees), Oppositions (180 Degrees) and Sextiles (60 degrees) are considered. Some astrologers also use semi squares (45 degrees) semi sextiles (30 degrees) Quincunxes (150 degrees). But still there is some kind of limit that is not passed. Other relationships are not considered “aspects”. But Harmonic Astrology considers EVERY relationship an aspect. There is no such thing as an unaspected planet. Every planet is related to every other in some numerical fashion. These are called “harmonics”. According to the Practitioners of Harmonic Astrology these, general unexamined relationships, give new insight and meaning to the Horoscope. This rings true to me, but needs more study.

But, as we mentioned, numerology has always been part and parcel of astrology. The meaning of the Houses are influenced by numerology. Each of the houses – from 1 to 12 – take their meanings as much from their number as from the traditional meanings we ascribe to it. Thus House 1 is about “wholeness as a personality” – it is about “beginnings” for 1 is the 1st number. House 2 which we refer to as the money house also denotes separation, otherness, the need to balance one’s own interest with others. House 3 which involves communication and intellectual interests also partakes of the quality of “3” – ease, harmony, the ability to balance two opposing forces. And so on and so forth for the rest of the houses.

This gives a deeper understanding of the houses. We don’t negate their traditional meanings – but we add its number quality to it.