On Recovering From Surgery – A Spiritual Perspective

Recovering From Surgery

Any surgery is a trauma to the body. Even the necessary ones. All the forces of the body are now galvanized to effect repairs and healing. Thus, energy is taken from other functions – the brain, the liver, the heart. It is normal to feel tired and lethargic and you shouldn’t feel alarmed about this.

Nature knows how to heal the trauma – but one needs to “get out of the way” and allow it to operate the way it should. So, get as comfortable as possible. If you’re taking care of someone who has just had a surgery make the person as comfortable as possible. If there is pain – and there usually is – take something for the pain. There is no spiritual point in gratuitous suffering. Don’t try to push the body too soon. You will know when it is safe to walk or do light exercise.

Spend as much time in meditation as possible. By this we mean, spend time with your focus on health and not on your symptoms. Often people spend time analyzing their symptoms – analyzing the why’s of their condition. While this is understandable, it is not helpful from the spiritual perspective. Think about it. Where is your mind when you are analyzing? Is it not on the symptom and condition? This is just a distraction from the main point which is the focus on health.

Very often, while you are temporarily out of circulation, old memories, old traumas, disappointments etc will arise in consciousness. Observe them but keep the mind on health. These memories are very significant – usually they are showing the underlying mental and emotional causes for the condition.

When you drop analysis and focus, you will see and know what’s behind the condition. You will know by revelation rather than analysis. Don’t try to figure things out on the 3D level.