When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed


In our busy, hectic lifestyles, who hasn’t felt overwhelmed at times. There is so much to do, so little time. Phone calls have to be dealt with, e-mails answered, requests dealt with, deadlines to meet, payments to be made. And, then on top of all that, the car needs fixing and there’s a hole in your screen door that is letting bugs into the house. Your children need immediate attention to boot. So how do we deal with this in a spiritual and conscious way – without losing the divine connection?

First off – and this is counter intuitive – when you feel rushed, slow down. Get quiet. Ask the Divine to take charge of your work load and establish its perfection. Then handle each priority as it comes. Keep your focus on each detail of the task. Don’t be thinking of everything else that has to be done. Keep your mind of what you are doing. Make the task at hand your meditation. As you finish one task, go to the next in the same way. Focus, focus, focus. Before you know it everything will be done – and done to perfection. It was the feeling of being overwhelmed that was actually the problem. The Divine in you is never overwhelmed.

Also it is good to realize at these times that one is never given more than can be handled. This is some kind of spiritual law. If it is given, it can be handled – and handled well.

Writers know that a book doesn’t happen all at once. It is one word at a time. It is this word, the next word, and the next after that. Pretty soon – depending on the length of the book – it gets written.

This attitude releases the anxiety and stress. The mind is free. The Higher Consciousness can operate. Solutions that weren’t seen while you were rushed reveal themselves.

It is wonderful!