Healing, An Inner Journey

healing an inner journey

When most people think of healing they think of a round or medicines, surgery or other physical kinds of therapeutics. But viewed from the esoteric spiritual perspective, healing is the transition from one state of consciousness to another – from the state of “unease” to the state of health. The transaction is totally within. The outer condition changes with the inner condition.

We can define sickness as a “disconnection” from the Principle of Health – the Principle of Wholeness. This Principle – a spiritual principle – is everywhere present – even in the exact place where sickness appears to be. It is omnipresent. If this is so, one might fairly ask, how is sickness possible? It happens because of either a short term or long term disconnection from the Principle.

What then is the solution? Simple. One reconnects – as quickly as possible – to the Principle of Health which is the Divinity within. The instant this happens, a healing process – often gradual, but sometimes instantaneous – begins. It is like turning on a light in a dark room. The dark room is the negative condition, the light is the Principle of Health. The light will banish the darkness.

How does one “reconnect”? The Attention. This is how things are done spiritually. You are where your attention is. In the case of a pathology, the tendency (very understandable) is to focus on one’s symptoms. Oh, it hurts here, there, it throbs, it itches, what’s causing it, how do I stop it etc. etc. Spiritually speaking, the attention is on the problem and not the solution to the problem. So, the natural result is the problem intensifies. And even if medicines give some relief, it tends to be temporary. For, the root cause of the problem – the disconnection – has not been dealt with. So, the condition can return, or some other condition can manifest. So, the trick is – and this is very subtle – to turn the mind – the attention to the Principle of Health – right there in the midst of the so called symptom. Turn the attention and keep it turned. This is meditation.

When one focuses on something briefly we say he or she is paying attention. When this attention is prolonged it becomes meditation. When meditation is prolonged it becomes realization. And this is what we are after. The realization of absolute health.