God’s Will Is Abundance

God will Is abundance

It is interesting that God is being blamed for all the suffering and poverty in the world. These blamings come from very superficial (and generally secular) minds. It’s a kind of sophistry. It sounds good, it rolls off the tongue smoothly, but it is empty.

God is Mind. The Supreme Mind. Some prefer the term Consciousness. That is OK too. The Mind or consciousness that created all that is from itself certainly lacks nothing. All we need to do is observe the abundance that we see in nature. There is no lack of air, no lack of water, no lack of earth or fire. No lack of sky or sunshine. There is so much sunshine that the earth couldn’t take it on a steady basis. This is why we have day and night. We need some break from the sun. Fishes produce spawn in extravagance. Trees produce fruit likewise. If the animals weren’t hunted they would soon over populate the earth. There is plenty of gold, silver, oil and natural resources on the planet. There is plenty of energy available as well – though we are learning how to access it properly.

A perfect mind – God – can only think perfect ideas. Lack, sickness, or any other kind of mental or emotional pathology are by definition imperfect. So these things don’t come from the Divine. They are humanly created. We can define pathology as a disconnection from the Principle of Health. We can define poverty as a disconnection from the Principle of Affluence.

Metaphysically we see affluence as part and parcel of the Divine Nature. It’s just the way it is. As Vitvan is fond of saying, “ask a bird why it sings and it will answer ‘that is my nature – it is my nature to sing’”. Why is water wet? Because that is its nature. And so it is with affluence and all the other things we crave. This is the Divine Nature.

When a person connects to the Divine – by whatever way – there are myriads of ways – he or she immediately connects to the Principle of Affluence.

If there are still problems when this is done, one needs to examine one’s ideas about the Divine – here is where the blockage is.