On Love

On Love

So much is written and spoken about love, that the word has become meaningless. Every kind of cruelty and atrocity can be justified in the name of love. Every war has love as its justification – love of one’s country, religion or way of life. It is sort of like the word God – anything can be justified in God’s name. And yet, love is very important. Very divine.

In truth we don’t really know what love is. Most of have experienced romantic love – which tends to be short lived. Most have experience maternal or paternal love, which tends to be of longer duration. But still these things are “human” and fraught with limitations.

I am of the opinion, that we don’t need long lectures about love. Let a person get connected to the Divine within and come from that place and love will just be natural. Such a person will be kind to others and avoid doing harm. Not because he or she read it in a book or heard the preacher preach. No. It will be very natural and unforced. It is the nature of the Divine. Water is wet because that is its nature. It didn’t listen to lectures or read books to learn how to become wet. It just is that way.

As with any Divine quality, we need to allow it to flow into us and have its way. Love itself will teach us how to love. And, some of the lessons can be very surprising. Often not the way it is depicted in the books and movies.