Space Is Not Empty

Space Is Not Empty

When we look around us with our 5 senses and with the 3D mind, we think of space as an “emptiness”. This is reflected even in our speech. We say this room has a lot of space – meaning either that it is large or that it is uncluttered – bare. When we unclutter a room, we say that we are making space. When we call someone a “space cadet” we are saying that he is empty minded – brainless – deficient – not of this world. When we read we look at the letters in the book or magazine and ignore the space between the words. It is empty. Unimportant. When we look around us we tend to look at the objects around us and not the space which contains them.

Yet modern science has concluded that space is not empty – it is in fact a “plenum” – a fullness. It is filled with all kinds of energies – radio waves of many frequencies, microwaves and many unknown energies. Science has come around to the Esoteric perspective on space. But we go even further. It is not just that space contains energies. It is a substance in and of itself. It is a “thing”. It is like an invisible ocean. Currents and waves move through there and impact on everything else. If it were not a substance it couldn’t be moved by all these radio or microwaves.

The Zodiac is really a division of space. In Astrology we understand that space has 12 fundamental properties – denoted by each of the signs. These 12 properties have sub properties and sub-sub properties and sub-sub-sub properties. Space is not only a “thing” but a very complex one as well.

Since space is a substance – a living, vibrant substance – it can be wounded, cut and bent. This is what happens during an eclipse. A wound is created in space and it takes time to heal. Thus when another planet moves over this “wound” it re-stimulates the original wound and you have a mini eclipse. This is why eclipse phenomena often happen long after the actual eclipse. The wound in space is re-activated, much in the way that a wound in your body flares up when you touch it before it is healed.

There is much space can teach us. We learn tolerance and diversity from the study of space. Space allows all things to be – it doesn’t judge or discriminate. It is the Primal Enabler of the Universe. Without space, nothing good or bad (human opinions) could exist. This article you are reading wouldn’t exist except for the empty spaces between the letters and words.