Is The Body A Cause For Anything?

Is The Body A Cause For Anything

This will cause some shock to many readers, nevertheless this is the spiritual teaching. The physical body, in fact the whole material world, is pure side effect. Not a cause for anything. It is the place where heavenly forces – the operation of Mind and Feeling – “follow through” – express themselves on this dimension.

Disease, as my steady readers know, winds up in the body but never begins there. Always, without exception, it has its origins in the subtle realms – the realms of thought and feeling (and there are many levels to this and different systems give different names to them). By the time a disease manifests physically to a point where it can be seen on an x-ray or CT Scan, it already has a long, long history on the inner planes.

One friend asked “what about a car accident? Isn’t that totally physical?” It might seem that way. One car crashes into another. It seems like a physical cause. But if you go deeper you will see that this so-called crash happened first in consciousness – there was some disturbance in the mind – some conflict – some discord – and the physical crash was only the end result. Often there are astrological phenomena going on which caused different thoughts, feelings, conflicts etc. that are behind it.

The same is true with other seemingly physical causes. War, for instance, occurs in the mental and emotional realms first before it manifests as a physical war. This is why all these diplomatic efforts only have a short term effect. They have not dealt with the inner conditions of hatred and resentment that are the root causes of the war in the 1st place. So, these conflicts are likely to break out again and again.

So, if there is a physical problem, we need to look at the mental condition that is behind it and clear it up there. Sure, its OK to take a pill or therapy that relieves suffering – this is good. But a real cure must happen in the mind and feelings first.