Is Astrology a Science?

Is Science an Astrology

I’m reading a very interesting and well researched book by James Lynn Page HOW ASTROLOGY WORKS. He brings up the many objections to Astrology by the so-called scientific community. Their definition of “science” is “empirical” – only that which can be discerned by the five senses and the extension of these senses can be called science – or subjects for scientific study. So, the real question should be “is secular science, real science?” Is empirical science, science?

The answer is no. They call it science – they use the name – they have kidnapped the label – but its not science.

The word science comes from the Latin sciri “to Know”. Another Latin root is the word scientia which means knowledge. So science is about knowing – knowledge. Knowledge is very different from “belief”. Belief is generally not verifiable. Knowledge is verifiable. How do we verify something? By what we have called the scientific method. We observe, we create a hypothesis and we test. If other people perform the same test and get the same result, we have “knowledge”. This is all well and good so far as it goes. But why limit this to only the things discernible by the 5 senses? Why not apply it to the other frequencies?

For example if someone is depressed and by meditation or other metaphysical means, he or she gets “undepressed” – and this can be repeated with many people – is this not science?

If we observe a planetary phenomenon – an aspect – and certain things happen under this aspect – is this not science?

Is Astrology a Science? We will let the planets themselves answer. Uranus rules the sciences and it also rules Astrology and Astronomy. The same planet rules both things. So, Astrology is a science – but not an empirical science, a metaphysical science. There are rules and principles that need to be followed and if one follows them they will get a correct result.