Is There A Purpose To Life

Purpose To Life

When we look at life superficially, from the 3D mind, it seems to us that everything is random. The so called good people seem to suffer, while the so-called evil people seem to prosper. The Sun shines on both the good and evil alike. The laws of nature, the laws of physics and mathematics, operate for the good and evil alike. They don’t make any distinction. Two people doing the same things and pursuing the same vocation – one will succeed, the other might fail. Its just a matter of luck says the 3D mind. Luck is random. Some people are born winning the genetic lottery, while others are born homely. Its just the luck of the draw says the 3D mind.

Life seems neither fair, nor with any meaning or purpose. And, as the Atheists are fond of claiming, if God is behind all this, he is certainly a brute and tyrant.

But these things are all the conjecturing of the a very limited mind, with limited perceptions. Because this mind cannot understand the causes or purposes behind things – it calls them “random”. Random is just a word for explaining events that we can’t understand.

The spiritual person understands that the universe, the cosmos, is lawful. Everything that happens is the result of the cosmic law. All the so-called inequalities, cruelties, sickness, success, joy are all the outworking of the great cosmic law. There is no such thing as “random”.

The Universe is vast. Scientists know of hundreds of millions of galaxies – and this is only a small part of the entire universe. Just because we can’t (from our 3D perspective) understand the Grand Purpose behind things, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Sometimes things happen now so that something that should happen a thousand years from now will happen. And, on a smaller scale, something that is unpleasant in the now brings great fortune in 10 or 20 years. The Higher Mind sees all this and understands.

The purpose of life cannot be discerned from the human level or the 3D mind. We must access the Higher Mind – the Divine Mind that exists in every person – in order to get glimpses of it. Speculating from the 3D level is a monumental waste of time and energy.