On The Spiritual Supply

On The Spiritual Supply

One of the things we learn as we apply the laws of spiritual supply – when we rely on them – is that it is very stable. Very sure. There are no “ifs, ands or buts” to it. The supply will come at the right time when it is needed – and often far more than we actually need.

This notion of instability is a great bugaboo to many students. The feeling of instability is really a psychological issue in the mind of the student. It gets reinforced by the mass consciousness as well. Because the 3D mind cannot see “how, when, or from where” the supply will come from – it feels insecure – unstable. The 3D mind cannot deal with uncertainty. Thus it looks for a false “stability” in the world – a steady job (even if one hates it), a business (even if one hates it) or walking around with the begging bowl. None of this has anything to do with the Divine Supply.

The feeling of “instability” has nothing to do with the Divine Supply. On its own level it is constantly – nonstop – 24/7 – supplying every need. But this energy, this supply, gets misqualified by the human 3D mind and thus there are distortions to it. Clean out the doubts and misqualifications, and the supply will be steady, regular and abundant. It will be measured exactly to the need of the person and to the need of the hour.

This is not to say that it might not lead to a steady job (but something the person can do and enjoys doing) or investments or a business. But these will be the instruments that it uses to supply the person. These are not the cause. Really, we don’t need a job, business or handout. We don’t need to beg, borrow or steal – we only need the Divine Supply. The rest will take of itself.