The Brain and the Mind

The Brain and the Mind

In the secular world, the brain is generally identified with the mind. When we talk of a smart person we say that he has a big brain. When someone is brain dead we say that that thinking and awareness stop. This is the current medical paradigm about the brain. It is as if thinking and consciousness originate there and when the brain is damaged or destroyed consciousness ends.

The spiritual perspective on this is quite different. Thought – consciousness – Mind exists outside the brain. The real Being of a person – the I AM THAT I AMNESS – the motivating intelligence of the person – the True Identity – is not limited to the brain or body. The brain is only the instrument – like the body itself – which the True Identity – the Cosmic Intelligence – uses to operate in this 3D world. It is not limited by it.

Thinking and consciousness seem to stop because the Mind has no instrument with which to express itself. It is expressing, but nothing comes through in the body because the instrument is either dead or damaged. Think of your Mind as the driver of a car. As long as the car is working the mind can use it for transportation. But let the car be damaged or destroyed and the Mind is left without a vehicle. It is still there, operating on its level, but cannot drive anywhere in the 3D world.

Astrologers know (and this is confirmed by other spiritual disciplines) that the mind of an infant is fully developed even at birth. On the 3D level it doesn’t seem that way as the infant can’t do even rudimentary things. This is because the instrumentation – the brain and body – are not developed yet. So it can only express itself as an infant. But the fullness of Mind is there and aware people can make contact with it.