MIND vs. Mind


I watched a you tube video of a debate between a spiritual guru and a famous atheist last night. Names need not be mentioned and are unimportant. It is the ideas that are important. The Guru stressed the importance of not listening to the mind. The mind he said “was only an accumulation of the data it receives from the 5 senses”. Thinking was nothing more than regrouping and reshaping of the various bits of data. This he considered unreliable. Since the input we receive is limited the thinking based on that could only be limited.

The Atheist – a most brilliant intellectual chap – affirmed that Reason and Thought were the highest faculties of a human being. And, that because there was nothing else, was the only faculty that could be trusted. Even intuition (which he did accept) was considered only “ultra fast” thinking. The thinking happens so fast that we can’t discern the steps to it while its happening – but afterwards we can see the logic behind it. This is only partially true. For intuition will often counsel things that are beyond the logic of the moment. Intuition will see events in the future that the logical mind can’t see – it is only after the fact that we can see the logic behind it.

Mind, to the Atheist was everything. In this regard both the Guru and the Atheist were both correct. The mind that the Guru advises to discard is the small mind – the 3D mind – the mind and thought process that comes from the limited 5 senses – the mind based on the mortal personality. He was not talking of MIND the Higher Mind – the Divine Mind in each and every one of us. And even the 3D mind is not the enemy only the impurities – the false ideas and concepts it holds – that are based on 3D reality. He was not talking of the Higher Mind.

When the Atheist says that mind is everything he also correct. But he should have extended it to the Higher Dimensions of mind and not just to the 3D logical process.

Indeed the Universe itself is MIND – and it has many levels – and obeys the Laws of Mind. This is the whole basis of spiritual science.