Jupiter in Capricorn


On December 3, 2019 Jupiter makes a major move out of his own sign, Sagittarius, and moves into
Capricorn. Jupiter’s transit lasts for a year (approx), so it is a major headline for the season. This is
good news for Capricorn natives who have been severely stressed these past few years. They still have
stress as both Saturn and Pluto are in their sign, but now they see some benefits. There is more
optimism for them. Things are not as black as they have been for the past two years. There is light at
the end of tunnel.

This transit will also benefit the other earth signs – Taurus and Virgo. They will have good and fortunate
years. They should make more money and travel more. It is also good for their health. But here we are
speaking very generally. To really understand this transit in a personal way it is best to consult with your
personal astrologer who will be looking at your actual Horoscope. Here we can only discuss the
collective impact of this transit.


Jupiter, as our steady readers know, can be called the Cosmic Santa Claus. He is the great benefit of
the zodiac. He expands and enlarges all that he contacts. So, if he is in a person’s money house there
will be prosperity. If he is in the house of love marriage or happy partnerships can happen. If he is in the
spiritual 12th house, there will be spiritual expansion and inner growth. This goes for every house in the

The Hindus refer to Jupiter as the “guru” – a very apt description. He teaches the Higher Laws – the
metaphysical laws that govern the world. When one applies these laws, follows them, prosperity and
expansion happen naturally. The world might see it as good luck, but really it is an obedience to the
Law. The good luck was just a natural side effect.

Jupiter is not very happy in the sign of Capricorn. He is in his “fall” – a weak position. Nevertheless he
will still be who he is – perhaps not as strong – but he will not lose his own nature.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and growth. So, economically speaking, growth will be slower,
perhaps not gang busters, but slow and steady. Jupiter will be traveling with Saturn in the coming year.
This reinforces what we say here. The Saturn influence will restrain Jupiter’s ebullience. Some people
are predicting recession next year. But I see it as just slow, methodical, step by step economic growth.
Global economic growth can slow down too, but this is not necessarily recession.

Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn enlarges and prospers all the industries that come under Capricorn. It
favors the large cap, old line companies – the companies that comprise the DOW and the S&P 500.
These are very high right now, but on a correction, it might be good to get into them. It also favors
commercial real estate and REITS in general. These too are very high right now, but they can become
attractive on a correction.

Capricorn, generically, rules the government. Thus government regulations and government in general
can become enlarged in the coming year.

Jupiter rules religion, theology and higher learning. With respect to religion this would show a return to
the “old time” religion – a more conservative trend. Liberalism in religion is out of favor this year. It is
about a return to the eternal verities. Colleges and universities can become more conservative as well.
In general this does not favor socialism or revolution.

The attitudes to wealth will shift a bit. The “quick buck” – the short cuts – are out of favor. Long term
investing – value investing – is in vogue.

In general this is a good year to embark on long term savings and investment plans – disciplined plans.
Plans that will build wealth over the long term.