Readers’ Q&A

Reader Query

I received this from one of our readers.

“Dear Joe, This is to request you to write a blog on what a native can expect if his birthday falls on a full moon or new moon day – what kind of changes to expect in the year that follows. Likewise, what to expect if the birthday, in addition, falls on an eclipse day – lunar or solar. There is much conflicting information in the Net on the same; hence my request to you. Thanks”

I can understand why there is so much conflicting information. There is no “pat” answer to this. While a birthday on a New or Full Moon is a powerful day. Of itself it is meaningless. Where in the chart does this New or Full Moon occur? What sign? What House? What House does the Moon rule? What kind of aspects is the Moon receiving that day? This will tell us the story. The affairs of the House that the Moon rules will be more prominent in the year ahead.

In the case of a Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse occurring on one’s birthday, we can say that the year ahead will be filled with dynamic change – upheavals – disruptions. But again, where does the eclipse happen? What sign? What House? Which Houses do the Sun and Moon rule in the Horoscope? Does the eclipse impact on other planets in the chart? If so, which ones? The answers to this will give us a more clear interpretation.