“Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”

“Your Faith is your Fortune” Neville

Truer words were never written. Life gives us according to what we believe about it. John D. Rockefeller famously said that “the person who says that he can’t do a thing and the person who says that he can are both right”. Each will manifest his or her belief.

So many so-called psychological, financial, health and love problems are really faith problems. The person’s faith has to be therapized. There are no exact rules for this as every situation is unique. Do you believe that the body can heal itself? Do you really believe this in your bones and cells? Then you will experience it. Do you believe in an affluent universe? An affluent God? Then you will experience this. Do you believe that you are lovable or unlovable? This is what you will experience.

Some people are born with an innate faith in certain areas, but not in other areas. And this is the way their life goes. Fear has been defined as “faith in the negative” – also a form of faith.

So how do we develop faith?

First off it is good to understand that faith is like a muscle. It can be developed by exercise. The more you use a muscle the stronger it gets. The weakling can start with 10 pound weights and gradually build up from there. We all know this. Faith is similar. We start with small things and work our way up to big things. Look at that weight you’re confronting (it could be a health, love or financial problem- but it is like a psychological weight that has to be lifted). Look at it and affirm “my grace is sufficient for thee”. Keep reminding yourself of this – “I am adequate for the job at hand – my grace is sufficient”. Then proceed with it. Little by little, your faith power will expand. You will be able to apply it to bigger vistas – not just solving short term problems, but embarking on a life that you truly love. “My grace is sufficient”.